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  • 1.1The General Terms and Conditions apply to all agreements and activities of of Colter Music & inspiration B.V. (Euphoria Dance Academy)/ School, hereinafter also referred as Euphoria DA)
  • 1.2With the online registration and/or payment for a lesson, ride card, subscription, course, workshop or booking an private class or event, the customer agrees to the General Terms and Conditions of Euphoria Dance Academy
  • 1.3Euphoria Dance Academy kan deze Algemene Voorwaarden van tijd tot tijd wijzigen. Euphoria Dansacademie zal wijzigingen in de Algemene Voorwaarden vooraf per e-mail aankondigen. De laatste versie van de Algemene Voorwaarden is altijd van toepassing en is ten alle tijde beschikbaar op de website.


  • 2.1Visitors (members, guests, parents, etc.) must comply with Euphoria DA's house rules and / or the rules of the manager of the location concerned during their stay at the school / club location. Visitors must follow the instructions given by the dance school owner or by the authorized persons. If not, the school can proceed to removal.


  • 3.1Online registration forms must be filled in completely and truthfully
  • 3.2Euphoria Dance Academy collects personal data from customers to keep track of its membership file and will handle this in strict confidence.
  • 3.3Euphoria Dance Academy also uses the personal data to inform customers of events and other activities. If this is not desired, the customer can unsubscribe by email via info@euphoriaacademy.com.


  • 4.1The customer can take lessons on the basis of a single lesson, a punch card or a membership.
  • 4.2The customer has to register online via Trainin app BEFORE the start of a lesson.
  • 4.3The registration for the class or workshop is possible after Euphoria Dance Academy has received the tuition fee due.
  • 4.4Cancellation of a registration for the class is free of charge, on the day itself, up to 2 hours before the start of the lesson. When the customer cancels within 2 hours before the start of the lesson, this is considered a "late cancel" and a refund of the tuition fee is not possible and becomes the "late cancel" as participation.
  • 4.5If the customer arrives more than 10 minutes after the start of the class, the customer will be denied access to the class.
  • 4.6Individual lessons, punch cards and memberships are personal and therefore not transferable to third parties.


Not applicable to show teams memberships, only for the regular memberships available for purchase on our website, offering participation in regular classes.
  • 5.1The membership can be used for the lessons on the regular weekly schedule, not for special bootcamps and events.
  • 5.2.1The credits for te classes must be used inbetween one week (Mo-Su)
  • 5.2.2Unused credits from one week can be transfered to the following as long as the client has a valid subscription. This option will be available only for the students who consequently pre-register for each class. In case we will notice the student participating in the class without being registered, we keep the right to block this option.
  • 5.2.3In case of longer absence and an advanced notice, it’s possible to use the credits 2 or max. 4 weeks later. The request must be submitted via e-mail to  info@euphoriaacademy.com in advance
  • 5.3The periodic membership fee is due in advance. If the payment obligation has not been met, the customer can be denied access to the lessons.
  • 5.4A membership period starts op the 1st of every month. The customer has the possibility to start the membership earlier and pay a partial contribution calculated pro rata and the days added to the original duration of the subscription.
  • 5.5One time administration fee of €10 will be applied for every new contract
  • 5.6The customer has a reflection period or 14 days. The membership can be canceled 14 days after purchase before the participation in the frist classes. The cancelation needs to be done written by sending an e-mail to  info@euphoriaacademy.com.
  • 5.7All memberships are entered into for a 3 or 6 months minimum period. The membership fee must be paid throughout the entire contract term.
  • 5.8All membership forms can be changed to another one by the customer for a minimum period of 2 months. The upgrade can be requested every moment (the clients need to pay the difference between both subscription for the whole calendar month). The downgrade can be done only from 1st day of every calendar month and has to be requested written at least 14 days in advance by sending an email to  info@euphoriaacademy.com . The end date of the relevant membership remains unchanged.
  • 5.9Return to the original membership is possible after the minimum period of 2 months mentioned above. The change has to be requested written at least 14 days in advance by sending an email to  info@euphoriaacademy.com .
  • 5.10Min. 3 months membership can be changed to min 6 months membership from 1st day of every calendar month. The monthly payment will change from the moment of the change onwards, rather than retroactively for past months. The change has to be requested written at least 14 days in advance by sending an email to info@euphoriaacademy.com .
  • 5.11The membership is tacitly renewed after the initial contract period of 3 or 6 months respectively.The membership can be stopped after the initial agreed period of 3 or 6 months with a cancelation period of 1 month.
  • 5.12The cancellation has to be done written by sending an e-mail to info@euphoriaacademy.com . with one month cancellation notice. During this cancellation period, the customer can still attend the classes. The cancellations made at the reception cannot be accepted and have no legal force.
  • 5.13Euphoria Dance Academy will make every effort to ensure that the lesson continues according to schedule/arrangement, but reserves the right to cancel a programmed lesson due to force majeure due to too few participants. The canceled lesson can be picked up at another lesson in the same month. Tuition fees are not refundable.
  • 5.14Euphoria Dance Academy reserves the right to be closed on public holidays and possibly to use a limited schedule during holidays, without this leading to a reduction in membership costs or refunds. This will be announced earlier on the website and/or by e-mail.


  • 6.1A Punch card is a card entitling to 1, 5, 10 or 20 classes
    • 1-class ticket is valid for 1 week after the day of purchase
    • 5-classes ticket card is valid for 2 months after the day of purchase
    • 10-classes ticket card is valid for 3 months after the day of purchase
    • 20-classes ticket card is valid for 6 months after the day of purchase
    • Beginners course punchcard card is valid for 2 months after the day of purchase
  • 6.2Punch cards with exception of Beginners punchcards can be used for the classes on the regular weekly schedule, not for special bootcamps and events.
  • 6.3Beginners course punch cards can be used only for Beginners classes on the selected level.
  • 6.4Punch cards cannot be returned.


  • 7.1It's not possible to stop the membership before the intial period of 3 or 6 months represpectively (depending on the membership) expired unless the client/ student has permanently moved to another place further than 35km from the current address
  • 7.2In the case of long-term illness or injury the customer can pause the membership or punch card on presentation of a medical certificate showing the participation in the lessons is not possible. The pause will occur following the initial two weeks of the injury.
  • 7.3After the initial 3 months of membership, members are permitted to pause their membership twice a year for a minimum period of two weeks each time. The total combined duration of membership pauses should not exceed 2 calendar months in a year, calculated from the start of the membership. The initial membership period will be extended by the duration of the paused weeks or months.. The request has to be done written at least 14 days in advance by sending an email to  info@euphoriaacademy.com.


  • 8.1After purchasing of a single lesson, punch card or subscription, the customer is obliged to pay the tuition fee due before the start of the (first) lesson. This takes place by means of the online payment system or at school.
  • 8.2When taking out a membership, payment will be made after 24th of every month as long as the subscription lasts, via direct debit, for which the customer gives permission when completing the online registration form. The customer has to ensure a problem-free payment. For an unjustified charge-back through back the clients has to pay €10 fee.
  • 8.3Euphoria Dance Academy reserves the right to change prices. Price changes are announced in advance on the website and/or by e-mail. When the prices are adjusted, the customer is given the option to adjust or terminate his/her membership (even within the existing contract period) within a certain period of time.


  • 9.1Visiting the school and participation in classes is at all times at the customer's own risk. By agreeing to the General Terms and Conditions, the customer indicates that he is aware of the excess and accepts this. Pole Dance Factory Amsterdam is not liable for injury, loss or damage as a result of taking a class, course o workshop. This also applies to the open training hours private workshops/ events. Any children brought along are entirely at the risk of the responsible parent/supervisor.
  • 9.2Loss of damage damage inflicted on property (movable and immovable property) of the school and/or the owner of the location used by a customer will always be recovered from the the person / persons concerned.


  • 10.1The use of image or sound carriers in the broadest sense of the word (photo, film, video, tape, etc.) in and on the premises of the dance school is only permitted with the permission of Euphoria DA. This permission can be withdrawn with immediate effect, without giving any reason.
  • 10.2Euphoria DA has the right to exclude persons that disagree with the “Video Consent and Release Form” from specific activities, without giving any additional reason.