Girls in a dance class posing

Euphoria Academy

Beginners Salsa On2


Level 1: Explore the Foundations (Weeks 1-6)

  • Introduction to basic steps
  • Learn salsa's rich cultural history
  • Understand partnering connections
  • Application of basic techniques in partner dancing scenarios, including steps and simple turns

Level 2: Elevating Your Dance Technique (Weeks 6-12)

  • Refine basic steps
  • Explore styling variations
  • Learn new steps
  • Building confidence and adaptability

Level 3: Building confidence to your salsa moves (Weeks 12-18)

  • Learn new and more complex steps
  • Combine previously learned steps into cohesive routines
  • Understanding of salsa music, including instruments and accents
  • Practice of proper social dancing etiquette, building confidence on the dance floor


Danceclass with Sofia