What is your Dance story ?

Since I was young, I’ve been dancing bachata and salsa, driven by my cultural connection. It wasn’t until I reached my twenties that I started refining my skills as a dancer. Bachata, in particular, holds a special significance for me. In my classes, I aim to provide not just technical instruction but also a rich cultural experience, enhancing the learning journey.

Describe your class to give your students a sense of what to expect.

In my dance classes, I prioritize a strong mindset and a lot of fun! Aiming to empower individuals not only as dancers but as people while creating a safe space where it's okay to stumble and make mistakes

How do you motivate dancers to push themselves?

Within this space, students form friendships that feel like family, fostering connections that extend beyond the dance floor.

Classes with Randor

Sun 13:00 - 14:00

Dominican Bachata

Studio 1

Randor‘s Playlist